How to Wear Nude Lipstick

How to wear nude lipstick

How to Wear Nude Lipstick

How to wear a nude lipstick can be a real struggle until you figure out some easy but important tricks. Nude lippies are one constant trend that will never go out of fashion. There is no easier shortcut to looking sleek, sexy and sophisticated. Sometimes we just want a simple make-up where only our eyes pop and make us look fabulous with the least amount of fuss possible. But unfortunately, there are many things that can go wrong with nude lipstick: it can completely erase your lips, it can make lips look dry and lifeless, it can make you look like you’re unwell … do we need to go on? Time to breathe easy, girlfriend. There is a way every woman can make a nude lipstick look good on her, if she only follows some really simple details. Read below to find out how to choose the perfect nude for your lips and the correct way to apply it:

We all have certain undertone, which is the layer underneath the top skin. It’s important to know what undertone you have, so you can choose the right shade. Here is the simplest way to find out. If the veins that show through the skin on the inside of your wrist look blue, you have cool undertones; and if they have a slightly greenish hue, you’re warm. Not sure? You seem to have neutral undertones. If you want to know more about skin undertones check out an article here.

Now comes the second hurdle. How do you figure out which nude lipstick has cool undertones and which has warm ones. Once again, do not freak out. Here’s a quick primer from our Face Feelosophy Lip Collection.

Cool undertones: Stay with rosy pink nudes.

Warm undertones: Look for warm colours – from peachy pinks to rich golds. Peachy nudes tend to be universally flattering.

Neutral undertones: You would look good in any hue but a neutral beige shade would totally rock.


Shade selector

Whatever your undertone, don’t go lighter than the natural colour of your bare lips. Even going two shades lighter will wash you out and make your complexion look motley.

Time for texture

Texture is important when you want to pull off a nude lip. Search for a creamy formula that will keep your lips looking supple and kissable. To maintain the moist look, keep topping up with Satin Lip Finish from our Face Feelosophy Lip Collection.

Prep work

Since nude lips look best when they are creamy and glossy, keep them scrubbed and moisturised to create the perfect canvas. And apply a thin layer of foundation before layering on the colour – since nude lipsticks are usually quite sheer, your natural lip colour would show through otherwise and distort the shade.

And DON’T skip the liner with this one. Not only does it give the lipstick more staying power, without it nude lips can look undone – as if you simply forgot to put on your lipstick. Apply a liner in the same shade as your lips for a plumper, defined and more polished effect.

Pair it right

It’s all about contrasts – for the perfect effect, pair your nude lip with dark eyes. Some great options: a smoky eye shadow, a cat’s eye or a deeply pigmented liner with at least two coats of mascara. Don’t forget your cheeks: add a healthy glow with a soft, neutral pink or coral blush.


Key Ingredients

We use only beneficial ingredients, packed full of antioxidants and properties to soothe and heal the skin. Our pigment formulas feature only pure minerals and we use natural fragrance extracts to scent our cosmetic range.




Castor Oil




Vitamin C


Vitamin E


Soybean Oil