Lipsology - What your lips say about you?

Lipsology - What your lips say about you?

Lipsology is a relatively new pseudoscience that claims a direct relation between the shape of your lips and your personality traits. Jilly Eddy, after studying lip prints for over 3 decades, put forward this theory that had many people nodding along. The following are the most common lip shapes and the personalities their owners possess.

Which lips are yours?


There are few things sexier or more seductive than a gorgeous pair of full lips. These voluptuous, curvy lips truly define the face, giving a flawless natural pout. Full and curvy lips show that a woman is extremely self-assured and filled with courage.

With naturally full lips you already have what so many of us are wishing for. This means you don’t have to overdo it with makeup. Your lips already look gorgeous so sticking with light colours of our collection to really show off your natural look, will work wonders. For that extra glamorous look, use our Cream HD Lipstick or Matte HD Lipstick.


You are one of many gorgeous women out there who sport luscious, full, round lips. You have wonderfully seductive pouts even when you’re not trying and when you smile your lips boast some beautiful curves. Women with these button shaped lips tend to be natural explorers with a flirty, charming personality. They’re adventurous and possibly even a little rebellious.

Don’t be afraid to use our HD Lip Liner because this will really help to make your lips stand out. For that added sex appeal try coating it with Satin Lip Finish. Having round lips you can pull of any colour of lipstick.


Bow or heart shaped lips look perhaps the most feminine of all. This classic Cupid’s bow shape practically shouts glamour and beauty. Women with bow or heart shaped lips are fearless, they’re expressive, independent and of course they’re seductive.

You can make the most out of your bow or heart shaped lips by wearing practically any colour. Bright and bold or sheer and natural – any colour of our Face Feelosophy’s Lip Collection will compliment your lips.


It’s no wonder wide lips symbolise a successful and talented person, if perhaps a slight perfectionist. You have a wide circle of friends and will take interest in near enough anything. You are very adaptable making it easy to get on with.

While natural colours tend to look best on wide lips, it’s possible to create a dramatic evening look using bright, bold colours of our Matte Lip Finish collection. The key to using bold colours on wide lips is to be sure to line them correctly with our HD Lip Liner.


Women with thin lips tend to be quite detail orientated. You are intuitive with a great sensitivity.  Sometimes can come off as being shy and reserved at times.

Light colours will work wonders on these lips, especially pale pinks and beiges of our Cream HD Lipstick collection. The light tones will help to balance out your face and bring some mystery to your lips. Some thin lips can lack shape but using a light coloured HD Lip Liner can really help your lips gain definition. Another great tip is to try finishing your lips with a layer of Satin Lip Finish. For even sharper look use our Matte HD Lipstick.


Your lips show you are secretive, you’re quite private and mysterious. This mysterious side to you also makes you seem quite exotic too. Women with downward turned lips tend to be quite smart and extremely quick witted but on the downside they’re often quite picky making them hard people to please.

Natural and sheer colours will look best on downturned lips. Our Matte Lip Finish will make your lips seem more approachable while making the most out of this beautiful lip shape. For that extra definition use our HD Lip Liner.


To get more detailed information about Lipsology, check out their page here.

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